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Title: Streamlining Your Workflow: Effortless Conversion of Word Tables to Excel Spreadsheets

In the realm of document creation and data management, the seamless integration of Microsoft Word and Excel is a valuable skill. There are occasions when you might need to transfer a table from a Word document to an Excel spreadsheet. In this guide, we will take you through a step-by-step process, catering to both beginners and experienced spreadsheet users, ensuring a stress-free conversion from Word to Excel.

Converting Word Tables to Excel: The Basics

The most straightforward method involves copying and pasting the table directly from Word to Excel. Simply select the table in Word, press Ctrl+C, go to your Excel file, choose the desired location, and press Ctrl+V. Voila! Your table is now part of the Excel file.

For a more structured approach, Word offers a built-in Export option. Select the table, click on the File tab, choose Export, opt for Excel Workbook, and click Export. This creates a new Excel file containing your Word table.

Tidying Up the Data

Upon conversion, you might notice formatting disparities between the Word table and Excel sheet. To address this, highlight the Excel table, navigate to Table Tools > Design, and choose your preferred formatting options.

Extra spaces can be an issue. To eliminate them, select the entire table, press Ctrl+H, or choose Replace from the Home tab. In the Find box, type a space, leave the Replace box empty, and click Replace All.

Dealing with Formatting Issues

If the data doesn’t fit well in Excel, the table may need resizing. Select the table, click Table Tools > Design > Resize Table, adjust the size, and click OK.

Text size can also pose problems. To tackle this, choose Table Tools > Design > Table Styles, select a style that suits your needs, adjusting the font size and other formatting options.

Saving Your Table

After cleaning and formatting, it’s crucial to save your Excel file. Click File > Save As, choose Excel Workbook as the file type, and click Save.


Converting a Word table to an Excel sheet need not be daunting. Whether you opt for the straightforward copy-paste method or explore the built-in Export feature, these steps ensure a smooth transition. Tackling formatting issues and cleaning up the data ensures a polished final product. Remember to save your Excel file to preserve your hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Easiest Way to Convert Word Table to Excel?

The simplest method is to use “Copy and Paste Special.” Select the table in Word, right-click, choose Copy, then in Excel, right-click and select Paste Special. In the Paste Special window, choose “Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object,” and click OK.

2. Can I Convert Word Table to Excel Automatically?

Yes, Word has a “Convert Table to Text” feature. Right-click on the table, select “Convert Table to Text,” and a new Excel spreadsheet will be created automatically.

3. What is the Best Way to Format the Converted Table in Excel?

Utilize the “Format Cells” option by right-clicking on the table. Adjust formatting options such as font size, style, number format, and border style in the Format Cells window.

4. What File Formats Can I Convert Word Tables Into?

Word tables can be converted into various formats, including Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), comma-separated values (.csv), and text (.txt). Choose the desired file type when saving the document.

5. Is There a Way to Convert Multiple Word Tables At Once?

Yes, Word’s “Convert Multiple Tables” feature allows you to select multiple tables and convert them to Excel spreadsheets simultaneously. Right-click on the tables, choose “Convert Multiple Tables,” and a new Excel file will be created.

6. Can I Convert Word Tables to Other Formats, Such as HTML?

Certainly. Use Word’s “Save as Web Page” feature. Right-click on the table, select “Save as,” and choose “Web Page.” This creates an HTML file with the table data.

Convert Microsoft Word Table to Excel Spreadsheet

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