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Title: Mastering the Art of Crossing Out Words in Microsoft Word: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of document editing, the ability to cross out words can be a powerful tool for highlighting information, making notes, or signifying changes in a text. Microsoft Word, the ubiquitous word processing software, offers various methods to effortlessly cross out words. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore different techniques, shortcuts, and tools to enhance your editing prowess.

Using the Font Tab

The Font tab in the Home ribbon is a straightforward option for crossing out words in Microsoft Word. After selecting the text, navigate to the Font tab and check the “Strikethrough” checkbox. Alternatively, explore the Underline Style dropdown menu for a variety of underlining options, including a double line that resembles a strikethrough.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who prefer the efficiency of keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft Word provides several options. Pressing Ctrl+5 or Ctrl+U can quickly apply strikethrough or underline effects, respectively. Additionally, the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut adds a double line under the selected text for a striking strikethrough appearance.

Drawing Toolbar Magic

The Drawing Toolbar, nestled in the Insert ribbon, opens up creative possibilities. Click on the “Line” icon, select “Straight Line,” and draw a line across the text. This line can be manipulated for size and position, offering a customizable strikethrough effect.

Word Art Toolbar

For a more artistic touch, delve into the Word Art Toolbar in the Insert ribbon. Click on “Text Effects,” choose “Strikethrough,” and drag the mouse to create a stylized line across the selected text. This method provides flexibility in adjusting the appearance of the strikethrough.

Format Painter Tool

The Format Painter Tool, residing in the Home ribbon, offers a swift solution. Select the text to be crossed out, click the Format Painter Tool, and then click on the text with the desired formatting. The selected text will now feature a clean and consistent strikethrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Can I Cross Out Words in Microsoft Word?
To cross out words, select the text, press Ctrl + D, check the “Strikethrough” option in the Font dialog box, and click OK.

Q2: How Can I Change the Color of the Crossed-Out Text?
Select the text, press Ctrl + D, choose a color from the dropdown menu next to “Strikethrough” in the Font dialog box, and click OK.

Q3: How Can I Cross Out Words in an Entire Document?
Press Ctrl + A to select all text, then follow the steps above to cross out the entire document.

Q4: How Can I Cross Out Words Quickly?
Select the text and press Alt + H + 4 for a swift strikethrough without accessing the Font dialog box.

Q5: How Can I Cross Out Words in a Table?
Select the text, press Ctrl + D, check “Strikethrough” in the Font dialog box, and click OK. Note that this works within a text box.

Q6: How Can I Remove the Strikethrough Effect?
Select the text, press Ctrl + D, uncheck “Strikethrough” in the Font dialog box, and click OK.


Mastering the art of crossing out words in Microsoft Word empowers you to edit and format your documents seamlessly. Whether you opt for the Font tab, keyboard shortcuts, drawing tools, or Word Art, each method offers a unique approach to enhancing your document-editing skills. Incorporate these techniques into your workflow, and witness the transformative impact on your writing and editing experience.

How To Cross Out Text In Microsoft Word

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