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Remote Desktop With Anydesk

During WFH, sometimes you may encounter a situation where a task requires you to use another computer even though the computer is located far from you. In this situation a remote desktop is needed. Anydesk is an application that will help you remote desktop. Nowadays more and more people are doing various jobs via the internet. Especially during a pandemic like now, where many people work from home or WFH (Work From Home). Remote desktop applications that are useful for controlling remote computers are a necessity. Those of you who need a remote desktop application may be able to use AnyDesk. This is a compatible application for Windows users. In this article, we will get to know Anydesk more deeply, from its understanding, advantages, to how it works. What is AnyDesk?AnyDesk is a remote desktop application that is quite popular among Windows users. This application has many features and advantages, and is lighter than TeamViewer. This remote desktop program you can use for free for personal use, but access and time of use are limited. This app has a premium version which is suitable for business use, you need to pay 10.99 USD per year as the subscription fee for one device. One of the reasons AnyDesk is so popular is that you don’t need to install the app to start using it. Just download the file from the official AnyDesk website, then you can run it smoothly. Initially, you have to enter a number to connect your computer to the remote computer that you want to control. Once the two computers are connected, you can immediately control the computer’s keyboard and mouse completely. Many IT practitioners use AnyDesk because this application has a better level of security. To be able to use AnyDesk, there are terms Attended Access and Unattended Access. Attended Access is a connection request that requires an operator on the server side (remote computer). Meanwhile, Unattended Access is a connection request that does not require the operator to approve the access from the server side. AnyDesk AdvantagesAnyDesk is a program that can be a link between two computers that are far apart. This application allows users to access their computers from anywhere. Many users like AnyDesk because it is very easy to use. What are the other advantages of AnyDesk? Check out the full explanation below. PerformanceIn building AnyDesk, the developers used the highly reliable and innovative DeskRT codec. This makes the AnyDesk application have optimal performance even though the application is very light. You as a user will find it easier to control the computer remotely more freely. In fact, this remote desktop function can still work even if your internet connection is slow. That’s why AnyDesk has a lot of users from regions with limited internet speed. The app is even more responsive than its rival, TeamViewer. AnyDesk has a latency of less than 16 milliseconds. SecurityAll data sent to each other from two computers using AnyDesk is encrypted with TLS 1.2 technology. The banking industry also uses this technology to protect customer data on their servers. AnyDesk does have an unattended access feature that allows users to access a computer without the operator’s approval on the server computer. However, this feature that has the potential to be a security vulnerability has the support of increasingly sophisticated RSA 2048 encryption technology to increase security. FlexibilityRemote desktop applications aim to enable users to complete their work quickly and easily remotely. Therefore, flexibility in remote desktop applications is very important. AnyDesk is loved by many users because it offers flexibility and you can access it not only from Windows, but also Android, MacOS, and Linux. In addition, AnyDesk you can also use on computers with various specifications. No need to worry if your computer’s performance or specifications are limited, because this application is very light so operating it will not interfere with other tasks. That’s an explanation of AnyDesk for Windows, from understanding to its advantages. You can choose this application if you need a reliable remote desktop application to support your work. By using it, you don’t have to worry about work on the office computer being neglected. Because now you can control your computer remotely from home. How to Install Anydesk 1. Download from Official link : Click Download Now Button 2. After Download Finished, Show in Folder, Right Click Anydesk.exe File Download and Run as Administrator 3. After the installation is complete, make sure your internet is connected properly, then you will get your anydesk address automatically Then by having anydesk address you can remotely on your client computer, or your computer can be remote by another computer that also uses anydesk BEST SELLING PRODUCTS

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