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How to Disable Quick Access in Windows 10

Quick Access in Windows 10 is a convenient feature designed to streamline access to frequently used files and folders. However, for users seeking enhanced privacy and organization, disabling Quick Access can be a beneficial choice. This article explores what Quick Access is, reasons for disabling it, step-by-step instructions for the process, and considerations for re-enabling it.

Understanding Quick Access in Windows 10

Quick Access consolidates recently used files and folders, offering users a centralized view for quick navigation. While this can be advantageous for some, those prioritizing privacy might find it more beneficial to disable this feature in their File Explorer.

How to Disable Quick Access in Windows 10

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the View tab.
  2. Uncheck “Show recently used files in Quick Access.”
  3. Right-click on any folder in the Navigation Pane and select “Don’t show in Quick Access” to prevent it from appearing.
  4. In the Options window, under the Privacy tab, uncheck “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access.”

Impacts of Disabling Quick Access

Disabling Quick Access can lead to a more organized File Explorer but comes with some trade-offs. Users will need to manually navigate to files and folders, lose quick access to recent items, and may experience a slight delay in locating specific files.

Benefits of Disabling Quick Access

  1. Decluttering: Disabling Quick Access can declutter the File Explorer window, making it easier to locate specific items.
  2. Performance Improvement: The feature can strain system resources; disabling it may improve overall system performance.
  3. Enhanced Security: Important files and folders are less accessible, contributing to increased security.

Re-Enabling Quick Access

If users decide to re-enable Quick Access, they can do so by accessing the View tab in File Explorer or navigating through the Settings app under Personalization and File Explorer options.

Troubleshooting Quick Access Issues

Users encountering issues can troubleshoot by ensuring Quick Access is enabled, checking for specific files in the Quick Access list, and verifying File Explorer settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Quick Access in Windows 10?
    Quick Access is a feature facilitating quick navigation to frequently used files and folders in the File Explorer.
  2. Advantages of Quick Access?
    It saves time, offers quick access to recent items, and helps keep the File Explorer organized.
  3. How to Disable Quick Access?
    Uncheck “Show Quick Access” in the View tab of File Explorer or through the Settings app under Personalization.
  4. Drawbacks of Disabling Quick Access?
    Possible delays in accessing files, no quick access to recent items, and a need for manual searching.
  5. Can Quick Access be Enabled Again?
    Yes, by checking the “Show Quick Access” option in File Explorer settings.
  6. Alternatives to Quick Access?
    Creating shortcuts, using the search bar, and utilizing the Jump List feature are alternatives.


Disabling Quick Access in Windows 10 offers users greater control over their file system, promoting privacy and organization. While there are trade-offs, the process is straightforward, allowing users to tailor their File Explorer experience to their preferences.

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