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What is Office Phone Activation ?

What is Office Phone Activation?Office Phone Activation is Office that must be activated by telephone, you must get a confirmation ID from Microsoft office to be able to activate office. You must make a phone call (Free Toll) to get a Confirmation ID, or you can also get a confirmation ID through a Portal that is connected to a Microsoft office database such as Advantages of office with phone activation :Usually the price of an office with phone activation is cheaper than an office with Bind Key or Office with Online Activation. Disadvantages of Office with Phone Activation :Sometimes get a Product Key that is “Blocked Key” when you try to get a confirmation ID. But you don’t have to worry about the “Blocked Key” problem, as long as you buy it at a store that has the best service, because they will replace it with a new product key if a customer finds a “Blocked Key”. You only need to change the Product key and then activate it by phone again. For how to activate by phone, please see the following link : >> Office phone activation guide <<


Please follow These Steps : If you find a window screen like this, then click “Back“ 1. Please select “I want to activate the software by telephone” Now you can get your Confirmation ID by dialing this 63-digit Installation ID by calling one of the numbers you see on the same screen and following the instructions of the answering machine. Please note that, in order to get your Confirmation ID without any problems you need to press 0 when it asks how many computers you have installed on. or you can get The confirmation ID by call the microsoft support phone number 🙁 +18664217141 )and follow the can also make calls using skype or you can send to email ([email protected]) the screenshot or take a picture of “installation ID”, we’ll send back the “Confirmation ID” ASAP Thanks and Regards [email protected] note : special service for all customers, we can serve you to install and activate using Teamviewer or Anydesk, you just sit back and let us do the installation and activation on your computer. please contact us via email: [email protected] if you need this service BEST SELLING PRODUCTS


PLEASE OPEN OFFICIAL LINK :、Register on the official website and log in to a Microsoft Account 2、Enter office key Choose your region and language 3、Install the software1 Signed in asProduct key confirmed: Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 ChangeGet your appsyour productMicrosoft Office Pro Plus 2019Your product keyTKNMT-C9VBG-93HK?/********Here’s what to do next:1. Click the Download now button, below.2. Save the file to your desktop. Don’t change the file name.3. Double-click the file icon.4. Enter the product key shown above.5. Follow the instructions to activate your license. >> Bind Key Product << BEST SELLING PRODUCTS


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