Genuine Windows 10 Professional Retail Version

(194 customer reviews)


  • No CD and DVD Pack included, Windows 10 Professional Product Key Only .

  • Instant digital delivery by email

  • Buy Cheap 100% Genuine Windows 10 Professional Product Key, One Key for One Computer(Can be Reused Multiple Times on the Same PC).

  • For 1 PC Activate License Key for Permanent, this is not a subscription.

  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit Office Versions Support.

  • Support all Languages Version, including Windows 10 Professional Single Language Edition

  • Global License, World-wide Availability, No Regional Restrictions. Can be used to activate Windows 10 Professional in any region

  • This is not upgrade License key. But sometimes it can be used to upgrade from Home To Pro,

  • Please download the correct version from the official website to activate

  • Download Link :



Buy Cheap Genuine Windows 10 Professional Product Key

Windows 10 Pro

  • Windows 10 gives you the best experience for starting fast and getting things done
  • Windows hello is the password-free sign-in that gives you the fastest, most secure way to unlock your Windows devices
  • Windows 10 delivers comprehensive protection – including antivirus, firewall, Internet protection, and more
  • Bitlocker data encryption and protection help keep your information safe
  • Hyper-v functionality lets you create virtual machines, while remote desktop allows you to log in from a different computer

Windows 10 Professional Features

  • Includes all features of Windows 10 Home
  • Domain Join, Azure AD Join, and Group Policy
  • BitLocker & Enhanced encryption
  • New Windows Store for Business
  • Support for Hyper-V and Virtual machines
  • Remote Desktop

Why Buy Our Windows 10 Professional Product Key

We guarantee to give you the largest discount, the lowest market price, more importantly, 100% genuine.
Once purchased and activated it is yours for lifetime which means if you need to re-install your operating system or software package, you can use same key to activate again!
This product will be able to activate both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the Windows 10 Professional Plus software.
Online Update Support, Support all Languages Version.
This product will be able to activate both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the software.

There are more:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ISO Free download

Once you purchase our products, we provide free Windows 10 Professional ISO full installation package download link, which contains both 64-bit and 32-bit versions, you can download and install as needed.

How to activate Key?

Before you begin, make sure to download and install correct edition of Windows 10. Activate with following steps after the installation is complete:
1. Go to ‘Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System‘ and click ‘Activate Windows‘ or ‘Change Product Key‘.
2. Click ‘Activation‘ and enter the Product Key you bought. Now your Windows 10 has been successfully activated.
To check activation status in Windows 10, select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation.

Why Download:

Easier, efficient and more quicker to get the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ISO file, no need to wait for goods arrivals. Download, install and activate your Microsoft Windows 10 Professional immediately after purchase.
Save for your pocket!
Delivery & Guarantee & Refound: Send via Email, 100% Secure Payment, 30-Day Refund Guarantee.

PayPal Secure Payment

We accept PayPal and Credit Card. You are able to pay via your PayPal account if you have.
You can pay with your credit card without having a PayPal account, When confirm the order, Our program will direct you to the PayPal payment page, You can type in your Credit Card and Billing Information on the left side and pay directly through Credit Card without creating a PayPal account nor sharing your financial information with us, Totally safe.

194 reviews for Genuine Windows 10 Professional Retail Version

  1. Alice

    I am very pleased with how well the installation of Windows 10 Pro went. The company is obviously staffed by very smart and competent people. The instructions were very well thought out and clearlpresented. The entire installation went without a glitch. I would highly recommend GLK.

  2. Luke

    Already bought 3 times. Works perfect every time. Instant delivery,extra points everytime you buy so you can use it as an extra discount,as if the price isnt cheap enough ! great work ! The only place to be if u want a key!

  3. Roberto

    License activated with no issues and allowed me to replace my motherboard without having to reload Windows. Thumbs up!

  4. Haland G

    I’ve entered the key correctly and it did started upgrading the OS. However, it caused an error stating it couldn’t connect to the internet but after doing a simple reboot along with my updates, it did upgraded to Pro. No need to contact support but I did contact them on a different issue but they are extremely helpful. I highly recommend this company and looking forward to continue using them for my IT needs.

  5. Rudy

    Worked as expected

  6. Davis

    Finally obtaining a product key that was valid Windows 10 Pro is worth it.

  7. Bruyne

    Just exactly what we needed!!!

  8. Becky

    Worked like a charm.

  9. Habib H

    I got two keys, one for my pc and another for my laptop. They arrived by email quickly, no problem. Both worked fine to install Windows 10.

  10. Marco

    Sobald bezahlt war war auch schon der Key bereit. Hat super funktioniert und war unfassbar billig.

  11. Andy

    Super recomendable me llegó a 1 min de realizar el pago buen servicio

  12. Trent

    Pazzesco, funziona veramente!! Attivato Windows 10 Pro in 1 minuto 10usd !!

  13. Angel

    Great! Thank You! Working nicely!

  14. Mikel

    The first key provided didn’t work. After contacting customer support they helped me very fast by providing a new key . This works perfectly.

  15. Memphis

    I’ve used this service many times for personal PC’s and VM’s. Raelly quick cheap legit easy way to get keys.

  16. Lautaro

    impresive, I activated my windows for less than 10 usd in 5 seconds

  17. Jack

    Took a couple hours to go through, but with that price, I’ll take it!

  18. Robin

    Sta b sta b sta b sta b sta b sta b sta b

  19. Ciro

    Perfecto, tuve problemas de activación y me lo resolvieron enseguida

  20. Thiago

    FR : Je suis honettement surpris que cela marche, j’étais biensur, comme tout le monde en début trop sceptique, j’ai tenter ma chance et apparement ça marche vramient …. je devrais attendre pour voir sur le longterme si c’est vrmt correct
    EN : I was very sceptical at the begeninng, i thought all of those good reviews were fake .. they seemed legit tough, I gave it a gamble, it turned out to be working lol I dunno what to say besides THANK YOU
    AR : شغال

  21. Usman

    Got it instantly and worked , thanks

  22. Manuel

    good key, would recommend. shady website tho

  23. Theo

    Win 10 pro retail activate and working.

  24. Sergio

    Win 10 pro retail activated.

  25. Andre

    Honestly had my doubts with it being so cheap but I took the chance anyway
    Paid with Paypal, got the key instantly and then activated Windows with no issues

  26. Lorenzo

    well spend money. Thanks a lot!! fast, reliable and honost!

  27. Federico

    Foi na hora, serviço impecável.

  28. Sergej

    recomendable, sin tantos pasos y muy satisfactorio

  29. Gerard

    Not sure why it’s saying that I can’t upgrade from windows 10 home, But it worked anyways!

  30. Frenkie

    Unlike what the top says, you can upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro.

    To do this, go to Settings, Update and Security, Activation. Press “Change product key”. Use the key. Say “Apply” (or equivalent), and you may get an error message. Just restart your PC.

    After this, you will have Windows 10 Pro. However, it might not be activated.
    To activate, go to the “Activate Windows” thing in Settings.
    If it says there is a digital license for Windows 10 Home, go to “Change product key”, and paste in the key. It may give an error. Keep trying until you see an option to activate by phone. Click it.
    Now, go to (This is recommended by Gamers Outlet), and put in your Installation ID. If you entered it in right (and your license isn’t bad), you will get a Confirmation ID, in a few seperate boxes. Click the boxes, and paste them into the Installation ID box.

    Congratulations, you upgraded from Windows 10 Home to Pro.

  31. Milan

    Instant delivery, works well

  32. Stefan

    The key didn’t work at first time
    If you have the same problem i had, dont panic
    Go in support and ask for a refund or a new code (they give you the code in the private conversation) they are reactive but it can take more than 15 minute to have a new working key

    They need:
    Order ID
    W10 key who don’t work
    i also add a picture that proof it didn’t work

  33. Luka

    Received instantly, it works perfectly, 100% recommend.

  34. Luis

    all goood 🙂 keep up the good work

  35. Mason

    Perfetto arrivato in un secondo e funzionante

  36. Phil

    I bought the Windows 10 retail key and it worked perfectly! It is really retail, not the OEM. And it activated on my 21H1 build.

  37. Matthijs

    Recommended , you get digital license

  38. Nicolo

    instant key access and worked right away 🙂 thanks

  39. Riyad

    Instant delivery and activation 😀 ????

  40. Gianluigi

    Instant delivery, works like a charm, activated automatically.

  41. Marcos

    WOW. I certainly wasn’t going to dish out £200+ by paying on the official microsoft page, and whilst this had potential to be fake I took a chance because it was so cheap. I wouldn’t be all that mad if it turned to to be a scam. BUT, all that being said, I bought it, received a key almost immediately, activated it and it worked!! I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! I would absolutely recommend this!!

  42. Keylor

    I love the graphics and the ray tracing just makes it perfect.

  43. Leon

    Okay, so the site seemed to be really skecthy at first, but I took the risk and I suppose it was worth it? I mean the key have worked and got it almost instantly, so yeah. Kind of a weird way to deliver a key though

  44. Thibaut

    Received instantly, worked perfectly. A+

  45. Jadon

    Shit, very eazy, cheap and its retail! :))))))

  46. Ilkay

    It works. Buy. Do it. Trust me. >:>

  47. Toni

    Me funciono perfectamente la recomiendo Gracias.

  48. Marquinhos

    La licencia es con entrega inmediata, funciona excelente, a la primera quedó con windows activado, fácil, barato y 100% recomendable, comprado en chile con mach.

  49. Ruben

    No waiting for an e-mail, got 2 codes instantly from the site. would recommend to a friend but it was so cheap, I bought an extra for him!

  50. Achraf

    I was skeptical about the low price, but was very pleasantly surprised when it worked without issue! l would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  51. Bruno

    Very fast , worked perfectly fine, recommended..

  52. Karim

    Instant and easy, plus secure with Paypal

  53. Thomas

    Works like it’s supposed to.

  54. Harry

    Impressive! received in about two minutes, even less. Works flawness! A+!

  55. Jan

    Bought 3, worked like a charm. Ngl this page seems sketchy but comparing this prize to the 100+ $ from the official store…
    Dont think anyone will read this but it really worked for me.

  56. Romelu

    Actually works, very good price thanks!

  57. Mohamed

    Received my key in less than a minute!

  58. Joshua

    It worked!!! I got scammed by another website, trying to get that refund, was hoping for the best for a 2nd try, and this one worked!!

  59. Erling

    The key worked perfectly. I’m happy for the quickness. Received it almost instantly.

  60. Kevin

    You ROCK!!!! Thank you so much! Worked no problem and got my key right away. 15/10 stars ha! Thanks!

  61. Kyliano

    Good service, yes I bought Windows 10 Pro CD Key Retail, and I were received the product instantly, and the key is retail

  62. Cristian

    Worked perfectly. Instant delivery.

  63. Silva

    It worked just fine! ($10 via paypal)

  64. Robert

    Receive the key instantly and worked just fine. Thanks!

  65. Lionel

    Brilliant Product. I received the key within a couple hours of purchase. Couldn’t be happier!

  66. Fernando

    All worked as described. Like one or two others I was slightly sceptical but was encouraged by the honest sounding descriptions on the screen ie. it’ll only work on one installation. I followed instructions carefully and it has all worked perfectly well so far. Many thanks.

  67. Guz

    Worked perfectly, no problem

  68. Phillip

    Le voy comprando 2 veces y pude activar por teléfono, todo perfecto

  69. Goretzka

    PERFECT!!!! Receive the key instantly and worked just fine. Thanks!

  70. Tollisa

    The keys continue to work and activation is always successful. (with the exception of one key that did not work, which was quickly replaced by the customer support)

  71. Keana

    Instant delivery, everything works for now

  72. Kareema

    Excelente. Apenas compre el producto sirvio a la primera. Recomendado

  73. Bianca

    I reaaaally didn’t expect it to work, but I just bought it with paypal, key seemed to be available right away and just entered it with online activation and it worked!

  74. Dorota

    Received the key instantly and worked just fine. Thanks!

  75. Tiery

    Instant delivery, everything works so far.

  76. Viera

    Nothing to complain. Easy, fast, and works just fine.

  77. Juan

    muy buen servicio de 10 recomendado

  78. Louisa

    Excellent. Instantly received

  79. Felipe

    Perfecto, compré la licencia del W10Pro, la obtuve al instante y active mi windows por menos de 10 dolares

  80. Elisa

    Super Fast, didnt even take a second to come in and the transaction was flawless. Would buy again!

  81. Perino

    I was quite skeptical at first since it was cheap but heyyyy — it’s working! 10/10

  82. Alisson

    tried buying a windows 10 pro key on ebay but did not work, year later came across this website and figured hell its only $10 and it worked 🙂

  83. Ahmed

    Purchased a Windows 10 pro product key. Received instantly and activated straight away with no problems. If still in doubt use PayPal to pay. Highly recommended

  84. Ederson

    Just clicked confirm for payout, waiting for confirmation, switched tab – and key was already delivered. Instant service, trully recommended!

  85. Anna

    Perfect., within seconds!

  86. Alexander

    Key arrived after about 1 hour, activation worked instantly.

  87. Dave Sharma

    Recieved key after making the payment through paypal. Awesome Experience. Best part is key is working & its running on my machine

  88. Roberto

    He recibido el código al instante y aunque el código que me dieron no sirvió, contacté con el Staff reportando el problema y me dieron otra que si funcionaba, no tardaron en responder y fueron rápidos y concisos, un placer de tacto que no te hace perder el tiempo.

  89. Simmic

    Semplicemente perfetto. Codice arrivato istantaneamente dopo il pagamento. 5 stelle

  90. Jimmy

    wow, that was fast. new installation and activation worked within seconds like charm. strongly recommended.

  91. Joao

    After placed the order, received the download link right way. However, the first time the code is not working, and after email communication with the support team, the problem is solved and the window activated.

  92. Sadio

    It was so freaking fast 100% Secure.

  93. Antonio

    Works, Fast delivery, Great price, came here after key on HRK didnt work and glad I did.

  94. Piotr

    Instant delivery, instant activation and very recomendable

  95. Filip

    instant delivery i rate 10/10 would buy again 100% recomended

  96. Alphonso

    Ordered and 10 SEC later it was in my account and then 30 sec later windows was activated, will buy again.

  97. Alberto

    Super, clé disponible immédiatement , et 100% fonctionnelle

  98. Juan h

    Fast and easy
    everytime again

  99. Jorginho

    It’s not scam guys. it’s the best price ever

  100. Ederson k

    Work fine, great service and buy

  101. Rodrigo

    aight, worked mighty fine, fellas, bought it, with paypal, thought id have to wait a while but nope, nearly instant, and working as intended, recomend

  102. Jules


  103. Alessandro

    super super super super super

  104. Mats

    I have brought several keys for myself and family and they all work great so thanks you guys

  105. mina

    Win 10 Pro activated within minutes.

  106. Guile

    are these comments real? I would like to know 😀

  107. Karina

    Seriously.. It works! wow!!
    I honestly did not expect it to happen this easy,
    Many Thanks !!!

  108. Meshino

    Worked like a charm, super fast delivery

  109. Junior

    Ho ricevuto la chiave istantaneamente e ha funzionato alla perfezione. Grazie!

  110. William

    Delivery was super fast. Works like a charm!

  111. Sterling

    Excellente service the key works perfectly

  112. Davies

    Instant delivery, product working!

  113. Koman

    Instant download, woks perfectly

  114. Lucas

    item work. Online activation made it a breeze. Thank you!

  115. Keitha

    Entered key during install and had no issues or prompts. 10/10, would recommend.

  116. Felix

    Instant code, really nice for this price.

  117. Vijay

    Entered key during install and had no issues or prompts. 10/10, would recommend. ????????????????????????????

  118. Bob

    Instant Delivery, Genuine Key, Great price I had no problem at all

  119. Kroos

    Increible, por $10 tienes W10 PRO permanentemente y confirmado por la CMD

  120. Carlos

    Sensacional, funcionó de una. Ningún problema para activar mi win10 Pro.

  121. Briones

    I have toruble at first ´cause it wasn´t work the code. But They send me another code and now my windows is activated.

  122. Kai

    Fast delivery and works perfect. Hyvin toimii ja nopea toimitus

  123. Jamie

    activation worked flawlessly
    came here after been scammed on ali

  124. Zlatan

    Instant delivery , work very good a retail key, it is a real thing, I was suspision at first but after buying it , is 100% real .
    Thanks a lot

  125. Franck

    The first key I bought for Microsoft Office 2019 pro worked, so I thought to give Win 10 Pro key a try, the first key for Win 10 pro didn’t work, I just sent them an email, and I was provided with a new key that worked within 30 minutes or so. This is Awesome. For the price, I’d say it’s a good deal.

  126. Dayot

    It worked! Super fast and easy!! Needed it for a new window install due to new hard-drive.

  127. Duvan

    Muy rapido todo, entrega sobre la marcha!! 1000×1000 recomendado

  128. Pedro

    Great. Keys arrived within a minute. Activated, no problems whatsoever.

  129. Raheem

    first key i bought here did not work, so i contacted support using their form from the footer and within couple of minutes i got a replacement key that worked just fine, no catch.

  130. Murall

    Worked perfect.

  131. Serge

    Legit works, instant delivery and no issues whatsoever

  132. Kingsley

    worked, delivered fast, i’m impressed actuslly

  133. Maignan

    muchas gracias, la compra fue efectiva y segura. muy rapido la recomiendo señores.

  134. Cristi

    Worked perfectly, used it to upgrade windows 10 home to pro. Gave error initially but activated once I restarted the pc

  135. Antoine

    I tried to active online, didn’t work, but then I had the option by phone activation like it said on the instructions page here , i called MS, tell the code, receive the activation number, and VOILA Windows Pro is activated.
    Well done on the instructions. 100% Recommended.

  136. Domenico

    Instant purchase, simple upgrade by changing Windows Product key, then restart! BOOM! From Windows 10 Home to Pro in 1 minute!

  137. Marcus

    Perfetto. La chiave è arrivata subito e funziona

  138. Petra

    Tutto perfetto, arrivato serial istantanemante e attivato Windows in pochi secondi!

  139. Fabiano

    fast delivery and good product.

  140. Levon

    Everything working, got the key inmediatly.

  141. Silas

    Code was delivered in less than 5 minutes. Everything legit and working 100%

  142. Erin

    I get code after payment and it works 🙂 Windows 10 64bit

  143. Ethan

    Acquistato, arrivata la mail praticamente immediatamente, ho scaricato il file e sono riuscita ad attivare Windows senza nessun problema. Soddisfatta!

  144. Sean

    Excellent and super fast support. The initial key I received didn’t work for some reason, so I asked for a replacement. In 5 MINUTES they sent me a new key that worked like a charm.

  145. Victor

    excelente ya que inmediatamnete me enviaron la key y funciono.

  146. Joseph

    The key worked. Make sure that you input only the key, though. I accidentally left a space in the beginning of the bar that first time I tried and it didn’t work. I removed the space the second time and it worked.

  147. Andres

    La clave funciona correctamente, solo tuve un pequeño inconveniente de que mi key la recibi como 4 horas despues de realizada la compra, pero todo lo demas bien

  148. Mendy

    The initial key that i recieved didnt work, but they sent one in the following hour and evrything got sorted.

  149. Magnus

    Working with an original Windows 10 Pro 64Bit.

  150. Laurence

    Retail key working perfectly !
    Delivery instant. 🙂

  151. Ryo

    Valid offer. Received the code 5 minutes after the payment! Thumbs UP!

  152. Castelo

    Todo perfecto, funciona sin tener que reinstalar el windows, tienes el codigo disponible al instante

  153. Moses

    So, i dont usually trust these keys websites, wasnt even expecting it to work but, the key i bought for Windows 10 works perfectly and all very quick, thanks a lot

  154. Jenny

    Working perfectly. Almost instatnt deliver. You are the best 🙂

  155. Annita

    Key worked without any problems

  156. Kareen

    The key was delivered instantly and worked to upgrade my windows 10 home to windows 10 pro English version.

  157. Roody

    First KEY doesnt work, but they can solve my problem on a few hours.
    Great Service.

  158. Chow L

    Bought a win 10 pro retail key which worked perfectly. (Thank god)

    So my experience with this store is excellent.


  159. Sammy

    Just bought a win 10 pro retail key which worked perfectly. (Thank god.)

  160. Carrie

    Awesome service

  161. Boyd

    Received the key immediately, no problems activating

  162. Karen

    Within a minute after payment my Key was already found on the site

  163. Hariton

    I’ve got the Win10 Pro key immediately, great service. Would recommend everyone.

  164. Jeremy

    worked in like, 3 seconds, great key,

  165. Harvey

    the first code was invalid but got a replacement instantly after contacting via email.

  166. Donnor

    got my code right away!

  167. Alexa

    They sent me a new key and it worked fine. Best customer service I’ve ever had.

  168. Ronald

    Instant delivery and the key worked 😀

  169. Fendy

    The first key I received didn’t work, but support was easy to deal with and quickly provided me with a working key

  170. Brian Wong

    Worked like a charm! Very cool.

  171. Khiadra

    Fast transaction, key works

  172. Modric

    Instant delivery, original retail Genuine key.

  173. GGJ

    I have toruble at first ´cause it wasn´t work the code. But They send me another code and now my windows is activated.

  174. Robinho

    Sensacional, funcionó de una. Ningún problema para activar mi win10 Pro.

  175. Dude

    Instant Delivery, Genuine Key, Great price I had no problem at all

  176. Gordon

    Worked like a charm

  177. julia v

    Worked perfectly! My clean windows 10 pro activated in one click!

  178. Greg

    Got the key after about 2 hours. It is working no problem at all.

  179. Marteen

    Around 10 minutes of waiting. Works perfectly!

  180. Ron L

    received it within a minutes and worked just fine!

  181. Ben K

    After initial skepticism due to price and quality of the website, my fears were unfounded as the key worked perfectly. Please be aware though, the key must be entered during a CLEAN install of Windows 10, not entered afterwards via settings > activation menu. Thanks!

  182. Ali B

    Works fine.
    I was afraid to buy it because I’ve never bought from these websites, but it turned out to be trusted.
    You should buy it.

  183. Amanda

    Works fine, got the key in minutes and it worked, activated my Win 10 Pro without any troubles. Recommend it!

  184. Angie

    the key worked

  185. Bill H

    It’s a trusted store. Buy without fear.

  186. Leince L

    got my code right away!!!!

  187. Liza M

    I had problems with the key (Duplicate key). After contacting support, it was resolved in 15 min. They sent me a new key and it worked fine. Best customer service I’ve ever had.

  188. Dawoud

    Instant delivery and the key worked 😀

  189. Joe K

    The first key I received didn’t work, but support was easy to deal with and quickly provided me with a functioning key.

  190. Stewart

    immediate delivery, worked great

  191. Jim BB

    Like some other reviewers, I wasn’t too sure about this site. But rest assured the key provided does activate with Microsoft without any issues. It did take a while for them to send me the key though, but was less than 24 hours. So plan accordingly if you order. Happy with the purchase.

  192. Bruce

    Got key after 10 minutes and works perfectly, thanks!

  193. Kong

    Clean install of windows 10. Works perfectly!

  194. Alves

    paid, got the key in about 15 minutes, entered it and it activated. I will be coming back here any time that I need a Windows CD key.

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